Win Roy Clark's Private Airplane

Raffle Rules

  1. This is a Raffle – not a contest. 100% of the money raised goes to helping American kids with medical treatments.
  2. It is not valid in any capacity if it is illegal where you live. You must verify that it is legal, not us, before you buy a Raffle Ticket. The Raffle is also not valid outside the 48 contiguous states of the USA.
  3. You can buy as many raffle tickets as you wish.
  4. Every ticket will be issued with a discrete number (from 0001 through to 3000) and that number is not repeated. So if you buy more than one ticket, each will have a different number on it.
  5. The actual ticket(s) will be mailed to the address you provide. We are not responsible for any lost mail. If you do not receive your raffle tickets within a few days of buying your ticket(s) – then you should call us at 800-448-9487.
  6. Once all 3000 tickets are sold – no more tickets will be sold. Anyone that buys a ticket after 3000 have been sold will have their money returned. Since we can’t control anything ‘crossing’ in the mail or any other systems, we aren’t responsible if your purchase cannot be processed because we’ve already sold the last one. And, it will not be our fault if your payment arrives after 3000 tickets are sold. We will update the website once all 3000 tickets have been sold.
  7. There are two prizes – so you have great odds!!
    1. The first prize, which will be awarded to the 1st ticket drawn, is a nice 1958 Cessna 172 Aircraft, in great condition. A new annual when we deliver it, recently overhauled engine PLUS a complete Private Pilot scholarship to learn to fly PLUS a new LightSpeed headset! This scholarship can be used at any FAA Approved Flight School, and is for the minimums required by the FAA to receive your license. If you flunk, or need more instruction, additional services ARE NOT included. If you choose to use the Scholarship yourself, it does not include the cost of airplane rental because you obviously, now have your OWN airplane! If you choose to give the Scholarship away, then it would include rental of a two-place aircraft only.
    2. The second prize, which will be awarded to the 2nd ticket drawn, is another fully paid scholarship to obtain your Private Pilots License, PLUS a LightSpeed Headset. AND this Scholarship includes the plane rental.
    3. In BOTH Prizes, you can use your Scholarship towards a more advanced License (IFR, Commercial, etc). So even if you have a PPL – you can use the prizes! In other words, each Scholarship has a Cash Value obviously, so if you wish to use the Scholarship portion of the prize to obtain a more advanced License – That’s OK with us. The Cash Value of the Scholarship for the 1st prize is $3,500 and the Cash Value of the Scholarship for the 2nd Prize is $5,500. And NO we will not give you the cash or split the Cash Value for training among more than one student – we will arrange to purchase whatever packaged training would be available at your chosen FAA Approved Flight School for a more advanced license, but only up to the Cash Value of whichever Scholarship you have won.
  8. Both drawings will take place at the same time. Everyone will be notified via this web site as to when we have sold all 3000 tickets and when the drawings are held. You will be welcome to come and observe.
  9. The prize(s) can be transferred to anyone you wish, as long as they are in the 48 contiguous US states. There is no cash option – you win either of the two prizes – not actual cash.
  10. Any taxes that may be due because you have won this prize are your responsibility, not ours.
  11. The prize will be awarded within 90 days of the Raffle being ended and Wings of Hope will deliver the plane (at no cost) to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states of the USA.  The winner will be notified by US Certified Mail and the Winner must sign a Hold Harmless Contract, publicity, media and photo releases, etc
  12.  If the winner declines acceptance of the prize, Wings of Hope has the right to not award the prize.
  13. The drawing of the winning ticket will be supervised by the accounting firm of Fick, Eggemeyer and Williamson.
  14.   Wings of Hope reserves the right to not award the prizes if all 3000 tickets are not sold. In that case, we’ll award 15% of all funds received as a cash prize for the 1st drawing and 5% of all cash received for the 2nd drawing.